The Spruce Street Market is Closed

Founded in 2014, the Spruce Street Market is a partnership between The Appalachian Craft Center and Muddy Knees Design and Production.

Maintaining a high quality market while keeping market fees low, the Spruce Street market is centrally located next to the new park and stage where other city, cultural, and private activities take place regularly.

The Appalachian Craft Center located at 10 N. Spruce Street hosts up to 50 local and regional artists on Asheville's front porch on Saturdays.

In 2016 the Spruce Street Market received difficult to obtain City of Asheville sponsorship and programing support for the market through the Asheville Area Arts Council.  The Arts Council was acting as a pass though for city support and grant support in 2016.  In late 2016 in what can only me described as a mutiny, the Asheville Area Art Council fired their Executive Director and community arts advocate Kitty Love.  Though she was integral in creating the municipal partnership, the Arts Council assured the markets of continuing support though this transfer of power.  In early 2017, after all support from the city was finalized, the Arts Council decided to demand 10% in cash for all in kind donations accepted by the market.  The Spruce Street Market was a small market just scraping the edge of fiscal solvency and could not supply this capital.  The city support was planned to help the art market expand into a full year of regular programing.  The untimely demands of the arts council along with other factors like outside the area art shows coming to town this year has limited our ability to run the market. Our dreams of running a regular art market downtown are crushed.  Please support other local art markets in downtown and in all of Western North Carolina.  Thank you for your support of the Spruce Street Market during it's short 3 year span.